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#Fridea: If I worked for Google

In Fri-deas on July 6, 2012 at 3:14 pm

“Frideas” is a new category at Social Composition. Every Friday, I will publish an idea in the digital, marketing/PR, or communications field. Here is the first post:

If I worked for Google … I would create Google Note. This service, also called G-note, utilizes the “stylus” technology to create files that don’t have to necessarily be ‘inside the lines’. (You can stay in the lines if you would like.) The purpose of Google Note is to support your needs in writing and note-taking. To facilitate your creativity and left-brain structural needs. If you are like me, both are equally paramount. I envision a mixture of text fields and handwriting–that supports doodling as well.

I cannot speak for everyone but, for myself, the key to quality note-taking is: understanding what benefits your form most and ability to connect ideas in the best ways possible. I enjoy the speed of writing notes on a computer, but the free form that handwriting offers–to create implicit meaning and value–is unparalleled. With Google Note you can draw lines to indicate relationships, images to support data, etc. which is difficult to incorporate into your notes with a standard computer.

What happens usually is: you fall behind. You lose your rhythm and the fluidity of the notes goes bye-bye!

But why Google? The stylus platform is already supported in other programs.

Yes, it is–but not to the full extent of my needs. Many of the programs are oriented to suit the arts. Like Wacom Bamboo Tabletsbringing you exciting new ways to get creative.

I seek utility, here, to develop creative strategies and insight later. I can’t help but think the college crowd would eat this up. Google doesn’t have to stop there either.

They can incorporate Google Note into a cloud platform like Google Docs–for easy sharing and accessibility. Google Note is my idea for the day. I have some questions for you:

  1. Would you use Google Note?
  2. How would you use Google Note?
  3. Do you think Google Note would increase your productivity?
  4. What features or benefits would you add to this service, hypothetically?

Inside the Mind of TopherJRyan:
This idea spawned from a Google+ interaction with Gini Dietrich, CEO at Arment Dietrich. My guest post, How Instagram Makes Communities Better, hit the airwaves on July 3rd (2012) and I shared this on Google+. I called her comment a “G-note”. The rest is history.