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Why E-Book Readers Need Great Engagement & Copywriting to Succeed in the Marketplace

In Business & Marketing on June 2, 2012 at 2:29 pm

I’m currently sitting in a Long Island Barnes & Noble and noticed they have their “New! NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight” posters decking the halls and customer service posts. The green tag draping over the corner of the NOOK, as if it was gift wrapped, captured my curiosity. It says: “Sold Out! Reserve Yours Now.”

  • Was this product in high demand?
  • Was there a production shortage?
  • What per cent of the market share belonged to B&N?

I searched Google for an answer and I first came across Christopher P.N. Maselli’s Ebooks, Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad Statistics. This was a good place to start my research and collect statistical information on the general tablet/e-book reader marketplace. But I wanted more focused statistics, rather than a conglomeration—insight into the e-book reader market.

This led me to The Pew Internet & American Life Project, of the Pew Research Center. The rise of e-reading was released on 4 April 2012. I discovered that between smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, and computers the total sum of e-book reading exceeds 100%. The market is expanding.

  • Kindle, the top dog in e-book readers: 62% market share.
  • Nook, my focus in this post: 22% market share.

I also spoke with the B&N store manager in Stony Brook, NY who told me the Sold Out sign was a slip cover for the original advertisement, which didn’t feature the green tag.

The e-book reader market is a tight field. It’s almost about who can get there first–to you, the buyer. Where our attention is (in store and online) is a great start.

Closing Remarks
This goes to show you that even smaller market shares and niches require strong[er] marketing planning to compete. And excellent copywriting is even more important when you’re jostling for position against a thoroughbred like Amazon (Kindle). Nice work, Barnes & Noble.

The mixture of the field team (on the ground campaigning) and copywriting was a great experience (nice engagement) and is one of my favorite forms of reaching your customer (combination). Just don’t forget the research.

Brief Apology to Barnes & Noble
I’m sorry I recently unsubscribed from your email updates. My inbox was being inundated by too many nifty gadgets and things I can’t afford right now.

For you
Do you use e-book readers? If so, which one(s)? What’s your favorite way to learn about a product? Via magazine, online, word of mouth?


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