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OMFG! Why You Should Erase Draw Something

In Business & Marketing on May 19, 2012 at 8:39 am

One of the rules for getting more email subscribers, which I recently discovered from Copyblogger, is: face objections head-on. In this inspection, CB suggests not to over-update. Updating too much can create the “Oh shit!” response and ruin any chance of keeping your subscribers. I think the same can be said for the App market.

This means that Draw Something (free) is dead to me. I’m reminded, in what feels like every 15 minutes, to draw my friends. This is an update. And it happens too frequently for my taste. I know Frank, Tina, Marie, Roxanne, and a slew of others are waiting for me.

This is (was) the beauty of Draw Something, being able to play multiple friends at once. I know the app is there and I know what to do with it and I know how to get there. I don’t need to be interrupted, reminding me to play. The costs outweigh the benefits here. (“Free” isn’t always free.) So it’s gone.

It never used to be like this, until I recently updated their App. (Funny, I know.) Before, it was streamline: download and play. No pesky updates. Someone should draw up a new strategy over at OMGPOP. It makes me wonder: did they have the user’s experience in mind with this? The updates I receive could be from my Draw Something friends nudging me, repeatedly. But still. Even if it’s an update generated by fellow users, shouldn’t OMGPOP do something to curb this feature? For me, it’s time to erase this app and move on.

After you uninstall Draw Something, please check out Copyblogger. There’s tons and tons and tons of great reads for you to explore in the content marketing realm. Make sure it’s a good look. CB deserves it.

  1. […] my thoughts freely without feeling the constant tug of email alerts, text messages, (previously) draw something notifications, and phone calls—to name a […]

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