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Business Aside, Everyone Should Read HBR Blogs

In Business & Marketing on May 19, 2012 at 10:51 pm

I follow @HarvardBiz for the diversity. It’s simple: Harvard Business Review attracts smart people across the entire spectrum of the human experience. (Note: they don’t have an “About” page to tell you this. And that’s cool.) Their mission, it seems, is to garner unique perspectives and paths traveled to help you get there.

And the result is? Valuable insight with style and form that’s useful to the reader. Harvard Business Review is “A to Z” (sorry Amazon), not just B (for business). They know that insight comes from all directions, and business is almost happenstance, because a business background isn’t the only shtick worth wielding. Business does not have to be your thing or interest, HBR has something to offer you. Don’t be foolish: visit the next chance you have. (Which is right now, if you’re reading this.) I can only tell you to go there, you must see it for yourself.

What blogs do you follow? Have you visited The HBR Blog Network?

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