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Are you a yellow jacket or a human? Most are yellow jackets.

In Business & Marketing on May 17, 2012 at 10:02 pm

How often do we see someone take a swing at a yellow jacket? (When it’s warm, pretty frequently.) And either they succeed in killing it or get stung because they made a slight miscalculation. Most people will tell you they don’t like bees and their behavior changes if one gets too close. The bottom-line value being protected here is safety. We, as the human, want to feel secure and have peace of mind.

An analogy for the big business/start-up can be seen in nature versus nurture. Imagine big business is the human, and the start-up is the yellow jacket. The human innately possesses more resources and abilities than the yellow jacket, making it a near immovable force and frequent “winner.”

But the human fears the yellow jacket, because of its agility and potential. Big business also doesn’t understand the start-up, which can be a huge advantage. The yellow jacket is predictably irrational and the human will attempt to control its movement, so keep buzzing. As a start-up, be careful not to overextend yourself too—or you’ll have the whole tribe beating your hive like a piñata.


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