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Binghamton’s Four Noble Truths Response

In Criticism & Review on May 9, 2012 at 11:46 pm

Binghamton’s Four Noble Truths, the way I lived them was published yesterday, May 8th, at There’s a lot of local traffic targeting this post. Some love it, and some hate it. Read the article here–it’s a quick read. Below is my take.

A callow criticism of a culture that is misunderstood, and a coming of age story, that lacks merit as well as insight, to grok one’s place in the grand scheme of things. I’m a strong advocate for free expression in the j-world but I’m appalled the Pipe Dream approved this article mostly because I’m unsure what the message is and what is trying to be accomplished.

Hello Alyssa–this isn’t an attack. I’ve learned to find value and understanding in a contradiction, not stress or pressure. It’s important to step back and consider her perspective. But I don’t understand what Alyssa’s perspective is which leads me to consider this a “rant”. You’re waiting for the words to coalesce but this never comes.

Alyssa’s take on Binghamton and the university, and social media appears foul from the lack of clarity. You could say her writing is as cloudy as the Binghamton skies (and as banal as this simile). When her prose needs to flourish or thrust through it doesn’t. The article leaves the reader with a bad taste in their mouth.

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  2. Kill yourself.

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