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Greek Life: The Commodification of Student Rights

In Criticism & Review on May 2, 2012 at 3:56 pm

The benevolent ‘Greek’ hand and academia aside, Josh’s main point—being a force for good–sticks to the wall, but this issue is a moral quandary, [concerning policy and process], the University needs to take a firm stance on, regardless. They can’t view this case in terms of pluses and minuses.

Somewhere in the middle I lose interest because of the article’s vagueness and limp dissection (e.g. “Yes, some organizations on this campus haze” and “some of the things that happen during pledging are disgusting…”). It’s public knowledge this happens, and we’ve admitted it. Greek needs to move past this. Apparently we can’t judge fraternities all we want–these blanket ‘statements’ are judgements.

I think Greek Life, in an attempt to be diplomatic, tainted the perception and the presentation of Greek Life. What was our strategy in addressing the University’s claims? How are we getting involved? And how will we create our own future? These are not new issues. It’s a current problem the Internet faces: people want their rights and organizations to be ‘free’ but they aren’t fighting for them. Instead, we keep new policy in check when censorship or Big Brother steps in. This is lax; it’s time to be proactive.

I’m unsure if Greeks should be upset others slander our name—what have we done to change this? Students and Binghamton University know we are philanthropic and academic statistics support themselves, but this isn’t the particular strain of our identity that is in question. Binghamton University asks for transparency as a call to action, but this should be a requirement by all if we play ball. The common Greek is left in the dark, submissive to the IFC and BU. We need representation that is going to be transparent. The slogans–that fraternities pawn off especially–like ‘All for One’ is a critical example. It’s best to marshal all your resources and act as one. All Greeks should know everything about this issue and should be involved. It’s time to step up, IFC.


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