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A Letter for Accidental Facebook Friend Requests

In Golden Nuggets on March 2, 2012 at 2:24 am

Hey Lauren, this is so weird but I accidentally sent you a friend request. Your profile was in my sidebar and when rolling my mouse over the screen my finger twitched! I feel silly it happened. It’s clear you can either accept it or decline it. If we are friends we can file it under the land of misfit Facebook relationships–like misfit toys in Rudolph. But not in a bad way. I tried to turn this into a short story, I think because I’m a writer. I felt inspired. Just don’t read it in a creepy Internet voice or the story will suck and it shouldn’t suck. OK, thanks.

Or you can just do this instead, HOW TO: Cancel Accidental Friends Requests but the first choice might be more fun. Or too late, if the message is already sent.


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